Amavasya is on Friday May 6, 2016. Namo Narayan.

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Daily Broadcast

With the blessings of Sadgurudevji, everyday we will be broadcasting a recorded video (just like a TV channel) of Prabhu Kripa Samagam (Convention) on the player below. There will be a different Samagam video broadcast everyday. You may watch same video at any time during the day until 12 AM (ET/New York Time Zone). New video will be available after 12 am (ET) everyday. Please help us promoting this broadcasting and this website as much as possible so that people worldover may be benefitted with Sadgurudevji's blessings through his preachings and Beej-Mantras. Namo Narayan.

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Seva in USA

Upcoming Samagams

1-2 May, 4PM
Paddal ground,
Near bus stand, mandi,
Himachal pradesh.

21-22 May, 4PM
V.T. Road, aravali marg, Shiprapath mansarovar, Jaipur, rajasthan

17 June, 4PM
Plaza event centre, schlenzig str. 11, hamburg 21107, germany, europe Ph. 0049-1636044402, 0049-1795492314

19 June, 4PM
Agriturismo, itazione, pesca, Eventi, via, bedoletto, n7-25020, Castelletto di leno (bs) Italy, europe Ph. +39 3511176004, +39 3382811814, +39 3510349688, +39 3204021517

24 June, 4PM
Kadwa patidar centre, kenmore Avenue, kenton, harrow, Middlesex ha3 8lu london, UK Ph. 0044-1628770041, 0044-1628628683

26 June, 4PM
Maher community center, 15 Ravensbridge dr leicester le4 0bz, England, u.K. Ph. 0044-1628770041, 1628628683

2 July, 4PM
Bhagwan Shree Lakshmi Narayan Dham
14355, Campbell hill road, Bowling green, Ohio, 43402, USA Ph. 2169294516, 7325937262. Toll free no. 855 990 0053/54

4 July, 4PM
Shri swami narayan temple, 1667, Amwell road, somerset, New jersey-08873, u.S.A. Ph. 2169294516, 7325937262. Toll free no. 855 990 0053/54

9 July, 4PM
Royal king banquet hall, 181 Rexdale blvd, toronto m9w1r2,canada Ph. 416-890-4606, 68-1293, 416-824-5582, 905-799-9205

Kindly pre register to ensure Your sacred space. Entry is free http://narayanshaktipeeth.Com/sangat-form.php
You are cordially invited.
Helpline No. 011 - 49945995